Clinical Pilates | Glenbrook Physiotherapy and Sports Centre
Welcome to Glenbrook Physiotherapy and Sports Centre. Located in the beautiful Blue Mountains, we offer professional physiotherapy services with state of the art equipment and facilities. View our therapies and make an appointment today. Call us on 02 4739 6903.
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Clinical Pilates

Glenbrook Physiotherapy & Sports Centre offers up to 10 Clinical Pilates classes per week


DMA Clinical Pilates was founded by Craig Phillips in 1988 as a result of finding positive connections between Pilates exercises and spinal stability research. He had previously noticed that as many patients were progressing from physiotherapy programs to gym workouts their original symptoms were becoming aggravated. Pilates based exercise, he found, seemed to better fit the needs of his clients, particularly when retraining and optimising the recruitment of the deep stabilising muscles needed to assist in treating low back pain.


At Glenbrook Physiotherapy we use DMA Clinical Pilates to assess and then treat the whole person. By offering a personalised assessment prior to any treatment session or class we are able to sub-group your individual symptom presentation and develop an exercise program tailored to your needs.



One-on-One Personalised Assessment – $85 (30 minutes)

Come in for a 1/2 hour personalised assessment aimed at ensuring that your program is tailored to you and your health and well-being needs.

Group or Individual Sessions

Group sessions – $35 (45 minutes)

Group sessions will be available as per our timetable below.

Each class will run for 45 minutes and be limited to a maximum of 6 participants. This will ensure that all members of the group have access not only to the equipment but also the Physiotherapist taking the class.

Pilates Timetable 2019

Individual sessions – $85 (30 minutes)

Individual sessions can be booked by appointment, either by phone or email or in person at the end of a session.

NB: All costs can be subsidised by your Private Health Insurance. If you are unsure, please contact your Health Insurance provider for further information regarding your level of cover.